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Uncivil Union (Chapter 14: Litmus Test)
Starlight City was the kind of place that cobbled itself back together every night from what had been left from the day. The transitory nature of those who lived resulting in a melting pot of people from everywhere all plying their trades, some respectable and some not, often run by people who didn't get along with their neighbours. The resulting mash of people was less like a city and more like a colossal bazaar, the city's upkeep in the hands of the faculity that ran the place, contributed to by the taxes of everyone who owned a place there. Overall everything ran rather smoothly - as such places could be at least - but even with the well-funded police force you couldn't always count on everything being quiet. Localised fights often broke out between groups of bodyguards from opposing companies, or PMCs who had a bad reputation with each other. If the fights lasted long enough for authorities to arrive or they found evidence of lethal force at the scene both groups regardless of aggr
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Rise and Fall
Deep in the heart of the Mystic Ruins sat the long-abandoned Final Egg, a base structure used to construct one of the Doctor's greatest weapons, a cannon capable of inducing a Supernova. The device had been destroyed a few years ago, when the ship carrying it self-destructed, but there was no reason why he couldn't rebuild it in time.
As it was, the base was too obvious once it had been located, and Eggman had abandoned it long ago, leaving most of its contents where they were. As Sonic had attacked alone, he didn't take much with him, and simply returned home. The only thing missing was Metal Sonic, which remained active among the mad human's forces. However, it had not been the only robot in storage there. Finally, many moons after the location had been left, the final backup generator ceased to function. Systems all over the base went into shutdown, machines grinding to a halt, terminals going dark, and the second stasis container failing. The figure within slumped into its metal ha
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Uncivil Union (Chapter 12: Stratagems)
Finding or even constructing new, suitable weaponry for Amy and Antoine was a different task to the one Tails was used to. The first port of call was to requisition an inventory from his father; the Acorn military might not have been as well-suited to taking on Robotnik's creations as the FF, but they had managed in the past, so they had to have something. But that was only the first step. There was no certainty that of all the wapons that would prove effective that either of their potential owners would be able to use them. There was a good chance at least some of them required specialist training, and they didn't have the time for that.
But he at least could give them something, whatever else he managed in the time he had. Training was going to be the issue regardless though - neither of them were all that proficient with firearms, the obvious choice, so he'd have to put his efforts into working out something with what they did know. They'd both need something that could cut or damag
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Mature content
Totally Not a Death Battle: Arcan vs. Therix (1) :icontoaarcan:ToaArcan 0 0
Mature content
Playing the Odds :icontoaarcan:ToaArcan 12 18
Uncivil Union (Chapter 10: Kingdom Come)
Battered and scorched, Omega slowly rocketed toward the domed energy shield of Mobotropolis. Rouge had provided a clearance code for him, lest he end up targeted by whatever meagre defences the Mobians possessed. This was perhaps the only time he wouldn’t have been happy to shoot his way in. The Freedom Fighters helped him blow up Robotnik’s equipment, and after that fight his supplies of ordnance were pretty thin on the ground. It just didn’t appeal to him; this was as close as an entity like him could come to being tired.
"Transmitting clearance code. GUN Agent: E-123 'Omega' requesting permission to land, and immediate contact with Sonic the Hedgehog."
”Clearance authorised. Proceed to the designated gate – a team is waiting for you. Authorities have been notified.”
A tiny part of him cared enough to hope this wouldn’t take long. It irked him to know that the people who had taken down Rouge and Shadow were getting away unexploded.
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Uncivil Union (Chapter 8: Backup)
Watching her fellow machines carefully remove their masters, Mecha Sally's optics narrowed. Her optics drifted to the Emerald clutched tight within her digits. There were not many things the emerald would react to.
"Mecha Sonic, the Emerald's energy is rising. One of it's kin is nearby. Take this one, and investigate." She commanded, handing the stone back to the cobalt droid. "Remain in contact at all times. I shall hurry the evacuation here."
"By your command." The presence of another emerald only meant adepts, unless their adversaries had taken to just carrying them into battle, regardless of whether they could actually be used. No, few were that stupid, and they didn’t have access to such equipment. No, they’d sent adepts, and with the Freedom Fighters running and GUN swarming in, there were only a few possibilities. No matter; Mecha Sonic would be capable, though it wouldn’t hurt to lend a hand.
Wordlessly a command echoed throughout the injured station, systems
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Mature content
Uncivil Union (Chapter 6: Roadblock) :icontoaarcan:ToaArcan 2 8
Uncivil Union (Chapter 4: Retaliation)
On Mobius, the name Sonic the Hedgehog was not a claim to fame in the Acorn Kingdom alone. Alone or with his friends the charismatic figure had saved people and civilisations all across the planet, and the planet itself on a handful of occasions . The United Federation was no exception; humanity was no less predisposed to tragedy than anywhere else, and in conjunction with their military forces at GUN, the Freedom Fighters were owed a great deal. What’s more, this was all in living memory – many had witnessed these events and lived to tell the tale, unable to pass it off as some old story or long-settled debt. Even the businessmen saw the value.
So, when they committed a substantial number of their air forces to aid the recovery of some of the Acorn kingdom’s best operatives, no one second-guessed it. The soldiers were ready for the operation as was expected of them, and as the decisions came in for the generals they didn’t need to question the tact of such a mi
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Chrome becomes the new IE by ToaArcan Chrome becomes the new IE :icontoaarcan:ToaArcan 3 18
Mature content
Bio: Toa Arcan :icontoaarcan:ToaArcan 0 5
Uncivil Union (Chapter 2: Plan B)
The sounds of scraping, fire roaring, followed him from the room. With one robot in the air and one on the ground Sonic fled the scene, retracing his route as best he could back through the ship. Most of it came on instinct, the rest of his brain not really paying much attention anymore, too focussed on the face of one of his pursuers, burned into his vision.
Sal. They got Sal. How?
He’d been there to lead everyone away, to stop them going after her; that had been his job.
I didn’t do enough. I let them get to her.
In a way, it didn’t really matter all that much at this point. The fact was, Sally was a Robian, a thought that cut as deep as any knife. More than that, what she’d said…he was the only one left…what about the other two? Bunnie, Rotor? Had they gotten to them? They were due to leave the same time as him, when Sally took out the gun…he didn’t even know if she’d made it to her objective. That could be three pe
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Uncivil Union (Prologue: Heroes)
“Detection’s looking good guys. We’re still off the radar and I’m not picking up any patrols coming after us!” Shouting above the wind blasting around them, Tails found his attention divided between the Death Egg, a giant sphere of metal hanging in the air above Mobius, and the many little displays mounted in the cockpit of the Tornado. The little craft had been taking to the skies for a few years now and honestly given the option there were better stealth craft available, but they really didn’t have the option. The countdown had begun and they either went with what they had, or found themselves on the receiving end of whatever weapon the station was designed to house.
Still, it wasn’t the worst thing to have. Its slimmer frame and design gave it a pretty small radar image without advanced equipment and despite its age relative to other craft, the fox had kept it maintained in his spare time and it still functioned undeniably well.
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Inked Puppetry Shorts: 175
Inked Puppetry Short: 175
(Hello all. Just thought I'd share this with you. Since IP isn't entirely the same as the Archieverse in its backstory, and things happened differently there, I thought I might share a few of them that I deem important enough to show off. Consider this something in the style of the old Alterniverse shorts, adapting the original stories to fit into the IPverse.)
Sonic forced himself to stand, groaning, muscles screaming at him to stop.Shrugging it off, he focused his attention on the giant looming from the smoke a few metres away. The latest of Eggman's mechs, a heavily armoured titan, boasting shoulder-mounted missile pods, a huge wrecking ball, and a nigh-impentrable shield that he had, thus far, barely managed to dent. At the same time, the machine was impossibly agile: No matter what he did, the shield was always in his path.
Give up, hedgehog.” Eggman shouted from the cockpit. “I designed the Egg Beater specifically to destroy
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Ask IP Answers #14
SO after a long hiatus due to shitty computers, I'm back! You guys are so luck you don't have these problems.
Nicole: Considering that I can just make new parts for myself if something goes wrong, I don't think that's a fair comparison.
True, true. Anyway, answers! Hopefully we won't get too many "Questions for everyone" this time...
Emerl: You know the only hope more futile than that is "Conquering the world" from the omelette over there, right?
I can dream, Emerl!
Anyway, opening with a batch from :icondukect:!
1) Sonic: Ever been to a zone where the Robotink never existed and the Freedom Fighters had normal lives.
Sonic: He's always there in some form, but sometimes he's not a bad guy. It's weird.
2) Sally: Wow I would've thought Sonic would be the troublemaker when you were kids. So why did you want to sneak out with Sonic Sally?
Sally: Well, sneaking out with Sonic meant fun. Not sneaking out meant more boring lectures. I was five. It all adds up.
Freedom Fighters: If you had 5 mi
:icontoaarcan:ToaArcan 1 18
Mature content
IP: End of an Age (Chapter 4: Rescue Raid) :icontoaarcan:ToaArcan 2 8


Mega Hydreigon by Tomycase Mega Hydreigon :icontomycase:Tomycase 566 86 ITF WFC Optimus Prime by The-Dapper-Scrapper ITF WFC Optimus Prime :iconthe-dapper-scrapper:The-Dapper-Scrapper 6 0 ITF WFC Optimus Prime by The-Dapper-Scrapper ITF WFC Optimus Prime :iconthe-dapper-scrapper:The-Dapper-Scrapper 4 0 ITF WFC Optimus Prime by The-Dapper-Scrapper ITF WFC Optimus Prime :iconthe-dapper-scrapper:The-Dapper-Scrapper 4 0 ITF WFC Optimus Prime by The-Dapper-Scrapper ITF WFC Optimus Prime :iconthe-dapper-scrapper:The-Dapper-Scrapper 7 0 ITF WFC Optimus Prime by The-Dapper-Scrapper ITF WFC Optimus Prime :iconthe-dapper-scrapper:The-Dapper-Scrapper 6 0 ITF WFC Optimus Prime by The-Dapper-Scrapper ITF WFC Optimus Prime :iconthe-dapper-scrapper:The-Dapper-Scrapper 6 0 ITF WFC Optimus Prime by The-Dapper-Scrapper ITF WFC Optimus Prime :iconthe-dapper-scrapper:The-Dapper-Scrapper 9 0 WIP - Zebulon - Closeup by IonicNuva WIP - Zebulon - Closeup :iconionicnuva:IonicNuva 18 0 WIP - Zebulon by IonicNuva WIP - Zebulon :iconionicnuva:IonicNuva 21 1 Moc. Toa Ezrak The Soul of the Desert (Youtube) by Darkraimaster99 Moc. Toa Ezrak The Soul of the Desert (Youtube) :icondarkraimaster99:Darkraimaster99 56 1 Instinct by Kezrek Instinct :iconkezrek:Kezrek 1,029 129 Humanity Restored by Monarth Humanity Restored :iconmonarth:Monarth 52 4 TF:Ignition - Decepticon Seeker (Cyb.Vehicle Mode) by KrisSmithDW TF:Ignition - Decepticon Seeker (Cyb.Vehicle Mode) :iconkrissmithdw:KrisSmithDW 107 23 TF:Ignition - Decepticon Seeker (Cyb.Robot Mode) by KrisSmithDW TF:Ignition - Decepticon Seeker (Cyb.Robot Mode) :iconkrissmithdw:KrisSmithDW 153 41 TF:Ignition - Ironhide (Cybertron Vehicle Mode) by KrisSmithDW TF:Ignition - Ironhide (Cybertron Vehicle Mode) :iconkrissmithdw:KrisSmithDW 141 11


Journal History

I created a Discord group that's shared between A-A-S and its new successor, :iconbluehedgehogscrutiny:, anyone reading this is welcome to join.

Just make sure to swing by the rules channel and don't be a dick.


Okay, so now that the DCEU has a movie that is undeniably good, I feel like it's a good time to talk a bit about BvS and Civil War. What each of them did right, wrong, etc.

So yeah, BvS review coming soonish. Civil War review after that.
The Scourge SU arc would've gone very differently if the No-Zone was run anything like a properly-run prison.

The Destructix would've gotten a very minor sentence for only doing one Zone-related crime (Pissing about on the Cosmic Interstate), while Fiona would get something worse (Trespassing and betraying her own zone), but neither of them would be in anywhere near the same league as Scourge (Multiple counts of trespassing, interzonal invasion and attempted conquest, resisting arrest, damage to the No-Zone itself, and one count of attempted planetcide).

They'd all be in entirely separate areas of the jail, completely cut off from each other.  They'd have a tough time organising a breakout if they never saw each other. 
I fucking hate summer. 

Window open, fan at full blast, still drenched. It's not even sunny outside, and it's still fucking hot.
Y'know the Sonic Forces character creator would probably be a lot easier to stomach if it could be used to make something other than Widemouth the Traffic Cone-wielder.
So, uh, do y'all still wanna kill Rotten Tomatoes now? 'Cause, uh, 97% on a DC movie is a thing now.


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I gave up on the comics at the start of 2013 following a certain lawsuit and Sega's 'sanitizing' of the remaining characters anyway, but when did Mecha Sally get changed back to normal? i hear it was supposed to happen in issue 250, but it was delayed thanks to the Megaman crossover, so it would've dragged out for a good 2 years 
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So the Doctor is going to regenerate into a female incarnation after Capaldi and Moffat leave. Any thoughts? Because you were interested in such a thing.
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From what I've seen of her in Broadchurch, which Chris Chibnall wrote, I'm hopeful that she'll be done right :)

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Hey Dan. It has been a while since we had chat....
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Okay, just been meaning to ask, if a Prime Mobian using Anarchy Energy poisons them much like how Chaos Energy can poison a Moebian, what would happen if either used Sol Energy from Blaze's universe?
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You happen to know about any helpful apps for my phone? To make my Pokemon gaming on my 3DS even more enjoyable?
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Okay...what's all this about?…

Is it the fans just making the comic with the little info they got off of Flynn? If so, I'm not sure on reading it.
TCH2 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2017
So what if fans go by what Ian Flynn imagined? Are you saying you're not a Flynn fan either?
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I'm saying they'll be going by what little he's said, but either way, it'd just be bad all the way. And I really dislike Flynn as both a person and a writer.
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